Eliot Rausch is a filmmaker from Los Angeles, California.

His short documentary Last Minutes With Oden won the Documentary Award and Grand Prize at the 2010 Vimeo Festival + Awards. He has since created films for organizations and brands including The Red Cross, Vans, the Veteran Affairs of America, Nike, and Duracell. Of recent, his socially conscious work, in partnership with Starbucks, Google and Expedia have led to national recognition. In 2013, his short film Find Your Understanding, created for Expedia was awarded “Most Tear-Jerking Viral Ad of the Year” by Ad Age and one of TED's 10 Best Ads of the Year. In 2015 "Breathing Underwater" a deeply personal film, won "Best Director" at the One Screen Festival. A lover of the underdog and those on the margins, Eliot in his spare time continues to look for ways to build and empower extraordinary stories from the lives of ordinary people.